My name is Cheradee Benson and I am addicted to Bengals. To support my habit, I am a licensed veterinary technician with an AAS in Veterinary Technology.

      I was first introduced to Bengals about 20 years ago through a local breeder that owned a horse ranch were I worked in high school. About 5 years later I began researching the breed and was shocked at how much they had changed from spotted brown tabbies to little leopard look-alikes! In 2004 I became owned by the Bengal goddess, Jade. Like any addict, one is not enough! From 2005-2006, 3 more girls and my first stud boy Alex joined us. We have continued to grow since then, and actively show our kittens and breeding cats. We earned Champion titles on 3 of our girls in 2008, one from our own breeding. In 2009, we Championed a home grown boy, and had a couple of other impressive boys and girls join the program. In 2010, we continued with selective breeding to move forward toward our vision of the "purr-fect" Bengal. In 2011, we produced our first home grown GRAND Champion male. In 2012, we finally bought our own home and now have a kitten room for our expecting mothers, mamas and babies, and weaned kittens. We love having an in home "nursery". 2014 marked 10 years of raising and showing Bengals. We completed an outdoor enclosure for our studs (they are outside due to spraying) in 2015 with lots of room for them to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. We are producing kittens that we know are worthy of show/breeder homes even though most will still be available as pets. We have really been trying to focus more on quality than quantity and are no longer shipping kittens. As always, we are looking forward to moving our program to the next level!

       Our kittens are born and raised in our home and are handled from day one!! We breed for interactive purr-sonalities as well as looks. If our queens do not allow their kittens to be handled, they are retired from our program. My cats get veterinary care at a moments notice with multiple doctors, that I know personally, available to me. Our "breeders" are screened for heart disease by a board certified cardiologist. We offer kittens that are TICA registered, have been vaccinated, dewormed, ear mite and parasite free, and are sold with health guarantees as well as being spayed/neutered and microchipped before leaving. 

      We love animals of all kinds. We have a 50 gallon fish aquarium, a Dachshund, two German Shepherds, a rescue mutt, and (my favorite) horses! We welcomed a Gypsy Vanner cross filly in 2017, we are expecting a Thoroughbred foal in 2020, and are hoping for another Gypsy cross foal in 2021. 

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