Hi Cheradee,

Dino is doing great! We kept him in Laurenís room for the first couple of days. She spent all of her time in there with him talking to him, playing with him and petting him. I told her that it was important for her to spend lots of time with him so that he would bond with her as his "mom cat". The leash was handy, as Lauren would take him around the rest of the house and let him sniff his way around. Phoebe was curious, but hesitant at first. There was a bit of hissing (on her part) and lots of sniffing. Lauren was hoping that by Christmas they would be friends. Well, they are! They walk through the house and sometimes do a little chasing. He knows his way around the whole house now and seems to be settling in very quickly. He makes his way around at night checking of everyone. How do we know? Well, at the breakfast table everyone comments on their visit from Dino the night before!

He is so sweet and such a great kitten! We can tell that you took the time to love him, because he readily returns it. In fact, he is sitting right behind me in my chair as I am typing this email.

I am going to call my vet today to take him in for the check up. I did not know that he could be shown, post neutering. How does that work? Let me know the details, because Iíll bet Lauren would like to do that. Iíll get the pictures off of Korbynís camera and send them to you a little later. You made it possible for Lauren to get exactly what she wanted for Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Kari Breckon


She is awesome! She has so much personality, it is unbelievable! We got her fixed last week, and it didn't slow her down one bit. Paul said the Vet and his staff had never seen a cat like this. They didn't even know what to put in there system for her type. They put her in as a Tabby. How funny. They were amazed at how not only her spots, but when they shaved her belly, her skin is also spotted.

We had a really hard time naming her. She has so many different moods. But we have finally started calling her Lily. So, if you need an official name it is "Treasure Lily".

Thank you!

Dianna Lundgren


Good morning! He is doing wonderful! He has the sweetest personality!!! We all just love him!

The kids have named him Jagger. He has adjusted very well, and didn't even think twice about the dog when we introduced them yesterday. Of course the dog was very curious, but Jagger just looked at him and kept on playing. It was so funny!

The kids were beyond excited when they opened the big box I had wrapped for him to jump out of. They were completely surprised! I can tell he is definitely used to kids, he is so patient and calm with them trying to carry him everywhere.

I am attaching some pictures for you! He was very curious about the
Christmas tree.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks so much again,



We've had a blast with him this week- and he's adjusted really well! We've decided to name him Xander. Here's a couple of pictures of him- one with him napping with Rylan, and one of him playing with one of his jingle balls in the bathtub. :)


Xander Update 11-18-09

Here are a couple of more recent pictures of him.....
The first one is him on Halloween... He reluctantly dressed up as a lion for an hour so he could be festive, and the 2nd one is him coming back on the couch to sit with me after he was watching Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet (He puts his feet up on the screen and watches every move they make).
He's got his grown up face now- He's super handsome!! :)


Hi there (yes, I know, it's 3:20am!),

Well we finally got home and got everyone settled for bed. Of course, my husband and I are trying to unwind so we can get some sleep too as we're both close to wide awake now, at least I am, lol!

Sprite seemed to do quite well with the plane ride. When we first got her, I opened the crate and petted her for a few and she was wanting to poke her head out of the crate instead of cowering like I expected her to.

We went to the store and I wanted to give her some food and water, just in case she was up to eating anything, but didn't want the water to spill everywhere so I settled on a can of food instead, at least the moisture could substitute water a bit.

When we got home, I took her to my daughters room and let her out. She had eaten a little bit of the food I'd given her. She doesn't seem fearful or skittish at all. I think that's great!! We got food, water and litter all set up in there. She was meowing a bit, but it's now quite in there. (spoke too soon, she's doing it again, she can keep Courtney awake instead of us, lol! btw, is she a talker? I read that her breed can be.)

A few minutes ago her light came back on so I went to check on things. Courtney said that Sprite was getting on her table and knocking things off of it, and she'd been jumping on the bed to see her. While she was rearanging her table, Sprite finished the food that was still in the tray in her crate and I got the can and gave the rest to her. She ate all of it and was purring. I think that is so great! I've gotten kitties before in the past that were so freaked out they wouldn't eat for a couple of days.

Thank you so much for the pictures. She is so cute, just a teeny little thing. Courtneys light came on again and went to check on her. Sprite wants to go check out the rest of the house already, but I won't let her yet. So all in all, things are going surprisingly well!! This is becoming such an awesome experience, I am so glad that we got her- and I've made a new friend in the process :)

I'll drop you a line later on and let you know how things are going. I'm going to head to bed, I'm finally getting tired.

I'll talk to you again soon-


Hi Cheradee ,

Alex is getting to be a big boy , if I hold him in my arms on his back and cradle him like a baby with my hands clasped , his head is on one elbow and his butt is on the other elbow . He is so soft and cuddly : ) He still puts his feet on my face and massages my cheeks and gives big kisses : ) He has also taken up drooling when he gets to purring really loud and making biscuits on my chest or tummy LOL.

He has a favorite pom pom ball that he loves and will walk around the house with it in his mouth going Grrr Grrr .
It is really cute.

Vicky Powell


HI Cheradee,

Hope all is well with you and your family... I just wanted to say hi and give you an update. I have attached a few pics of zeus and his brother DC. Zeus is absolutely the most amazing lil guy! He doesn't leave my side, is always in my lap and sleeps by my side every night since the first night. He won't stop giving me kisses! I have friends, family and neighbors who say they have never seen anything like it. He is absolutely the most affectionate pet - dog or cat I have ever had!

He has really brought DC to life and they are best friends, however the lil rascals love to tear through the house with a mess left behind them :) I have already toilet trained Zeus with no problems, he caught right on and has made no mistakes! thank you again for giving me such a loving and great pet. If you ever need a reference please let me know as I just can't thank you enough for Zeus.

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

Michelle Aycock

January 14th, 2013

I wanted to let you know that both of the cats are doing well, and I am so happy to have them. Guinevere loves to play with anything she can
find... she pounced on a bag of clips and carried it off while I was working on a project! She is adorable and so funny! I absolutely love her personality! Cappuccino thinks he's too cool to play in front of an audience, but if he doesn't know you're watching he will. I really like his personality, too. He is much more calm. They are both very beautiful and they certainly brighten up my house!

Hope you're doing well :)

February 15th, 2013

Nemo is home safe and slowly getting comfortable with his new home :) Thanks again! He's so sweet and playful!


March 20th, 2013

It's hard to believe Rocky is a year old already!! He is curious, he loves to play in the water I can not take a bath with out him coming and wanting to try to jump in. After I'm down we will leave a small amount of water he will jump in and we will get the lazer light out and he will go crazy jumping and sliding across the tub. We have a pillow on the floor he will go on to lay and he will start with his paws kneading it and purring like crazy. He comes sleeps with us at night but on my pillow leaving me with nothing cause I can not tell him no. LOL. He takes turns with the kids at night as well , and when our alarm goes off comes up licking my husband on the face. And if hes working at the computer will jump and lay on his lap. He's become a heart-breaker for us all for sure :). Thanks again we all love him.

May 15, 2013

Just wanted you to know he is adjusting fine and to my surprise has turned in to a lap cat :) He follows me around and when I wash my face in the morning he gets in the sink and rolls around in the water! Luckily my shower has a door or I think he would follow me there too. Just wanted to let you know.


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