LiLeopard Drops O Jupiter

heart Screened HCM Neg. @ 1yr old on 11-21-12

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 2yrs old on 06-19-13

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 4yrs old on 3-22-15

PK Def N/N

All photos by Nancy Degenkalb

I was honored when the best marble kitten I'd produced went to Carolyn Ellis of Chloes Bengals at 8 months old, and I was just as thrilled when she offered him back to me 3 years later. He has matured into a large handsome stud, and went to his first adult show at almost 4 years old. Not surprising, he would much rather stay home than show his stuff for judges. He produced some gorgeous kittens for us, but has now been retired at 5 years old in order to live life a precious pet.

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