Kitten Pricing

Pricing a Bengal kitten is based on its closeness to the Bengal breed standard. Kittens are bred for traits like: nearly straight facial profiles, small to medium rounded ears, muscular build, horizontally flowing patterns, contrasted markings, white or light tummies, thick medium length tails, rosetting, and loving, outgoing personalities.
Quality, dedicated breeders are breeding to preserve and improve upon the Bengal breed as a whole and not all kittens have features that we are trying to promote in the breed (even though they still make exceptional pets). We evaluate and break kittens down into categories: pet, breeder, and show.

(Most of my kittens are breeder/show quality, but are still sold as pets.)

example: LiLeopard Jasmine (simple spotting)

      "Pet" kittens may be marvelous examples of their breed whose physical traits leave just a little to be desired for meeting breed standard outlines. For example: it's ears are a little large, tail is long and thin, or it has spotting instead of rosetting (as with Jasmine above). All examples still result in a healthy, beautiful exotic looking pet, but not always what we are striving for in a "breeder". My "pet" quality kittens usually range from $1000-2500.

example: LiLeopard Metallica(rosetted pattern)

      "Breeder" kittens should exhibit characteristics that are close to the breed standard and leave little to desired. Ideally they offer traits that are adding to the quality of the breed rather than just replicating it. Breeder quality can vary from breeder to breeder, because it is to some degree an opinion of what a person feels a particular cat/kitten has to offer as a breeding feline. Breeder cats can sometimes be very strong in a certain area, rosetting for example, but need a little size or a thicker tail. When breed to a cat that has the lacked desirable trait (larger size and a thick tail), we hope to produce kittens that may be better than their parents (when both parents desirable traits are inherited). I price my "breeder" quality kittens/cats at $1800-2500.

*Kittens are sold with breeding rights to approved, established breeders only.

example: Champion LiLeopard Tay Ka Paws 4me

       "Show"  kittens are not only fantastic examples of the Bengal breed, but often have a little spark or dazzle that make them stand out in general. An outgoing personality is also a must in a competitive show kitty, as they are handled often and must travel frequently. Show kittens can have everything it takes to be show quality, but it takes that extra little something to make them really competitive in the show ring. My "show" quality kittens cost $2500-3500. 


* Just a note. Breeder/Show quality kittens are often offered as pets (that will be altered before leaving). Prices may be adjusted for quality kittens placed in pet homes. Breeder and breeder/show kittens are available on a limited basis to approved established catteries only. Those seeking to start a cattery, should work through TICA to find a mentor in your area.

Spayed and neutered cats that are close to the breed standard can be shown as "show alters" and are usually not quite as competitive as the cats that can be used for breeding. But again, temperament is a must.


A Cheaper Alternative

        Also, often available for pet homes are retired breeders. These are cats who were breeder or show quality, and either made a contribution to the Bengal breed or due to breeding complications or sterility were unable to. They will already have been spayed or neutered or are soon to be. They are typically 1-5 years old with lots healthy of years left, and because Bengals' stay active and playful into their adulthood, they may still act like a kitten! My "retired breeders" range from $150-750, and maybe subject to certain placement requirements because of their established personalities. Because of their reasonable pricing, my retired adults are usually placed quickly and a waiting list is also maintained for them.


At this time, we no longer offer shipping due to recent changes and the APHIS ruling. All kittens and cats purchased as pets are required to be seen in person before sold.

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