LiLeopard Evanescence

  Screened HCM Neg. @ 11 months old on 3-22-15

Evie is a big girl and is a daughter of Chance and Penny. We love her pale background, extreme contrast, random pattern, and square muzzle with defined whisker pads. She has stayed extremely contrasted and clear coated and is an excellent mother.

Evie's Sire and Dam pictured below:
CH LiLeopard Helava Chance(screened HCM neg) and
KatzGoneWild Lucky Charm of LiLeopard
(screened HCM neg)

LiLeopard Lyric

  Screened HCM Neg. @ 1yr on 3-22-15

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Lyric is a daughter of Chance and combines our best producing cats in her bloodline. She has proven true to the bloodline and outproduces herself in both type and flash.

Lyric's Sire and Dam pictured below:
CH LiLeopard Helava Chance(screened HCM neg) and
PettyPoo Trinity of LiLeopard

LiLeopard Serenity

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Seri is a gorgeous girl! She is the daughter of our Lyric and Link. Her pattern flow and contrast is amazing and she also has a lovely profile. She is proving to be a wonderful mother as well and produces kitten with both amazing coats and outstanding head types.

Seri's Sire and Dam pictured below:
QGC Hot Rod Lincoln(screened HCM neg) and
LiLeopard Lyric(screened HCM neg)

GulfBeach Sweet Emotion of LiLeopard

  Screened HCM Neg. @ 1 1/2 yrs on 7-31-16


Ema is a lovely girl that is a full sister to SGC GulfBeach Dream On. We love her light tummy, puffy whisker pads, rounded ears, and large eyes! She is also an amazing mother. Thanks Lisa!

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