Quadruple Grand Champion

UniquePrints Hot Rod Lincoln

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 1yr

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 2yrs on 7/31/16

 PK Def N/N by parentage

We started looking to bring in new blood and are thrilled to have found Link. His pictures speak for themselves. He is currently leading an impressive show carrier and his kittens are breathtaking!(Pictured @ 8 months old.)

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 Link's sire and dam pictured below:

RisnSun Ashheart(Screened HCM Neg)

and BengalBabeCA Maui Girlheart(Screened HCM Neg)


Marbleous Buddy Holly

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 1yr on 7/31/16

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Buddy was added to our program in order to keep back daughters of Link and have a male to breed them to. However, we for-see Buddy having a much larger impact on our program than we could have imagined. Many thanks to BobbiJean Fickle. (Pictured @ 8 months old.)

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Uniqueprints Mjolnir of LiLeopard


We had the opportunity to have Link's half brother join our program and we couldn't pass that up. "Jiggy" is not only a big, handsome hunk, he is already producing friendly large rosetted kittens.

LiLeopard Journey

Pk-def and Pra N/N by parentage

Journey is the offspring of Q and Seri and the grandson of Link. He is the closest we have come to our vision of the perfect Bengal, and even though we are naming our cats from music themes his name is also a metaphor. We look forward to his kittens in the near future.

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