Quadruple Grand Champion

UniquePrints Hot Rod Lincoln

(now retired)

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 1yr

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 2yrs on 7/31/16

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 5yrs on 2/24/19

 PK Def N/N by parentage

Pictured @ 8 months old. He is still as handsome (just bigger!) today...

More pictures

 Link's sire and dam pictured below:

RisnSun Ashheart(Screened HCM Neg)

and BengalBabeCA Maui Girlheart(Screened HCM Neg)



DoubleDBengals Hunter of LiLeopard

 heart HCM Screened Negative on  2/27/21

PK Def and Pra- N/N by parentage

(Pictured at 8 months old)

 Hunter's sire and dam pictured below:

CH ExotiqueBengals DD Heartbreaker heart(Screened HCM Neg)

and LiLeopard Goldie

SparklerPride Jackpot of LiLeopard

 heart HCM Screened Negative 

PK Def and Pra- N/N 

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