Zendada Must Be Fate

  Screened HCM Neg. @ almost 3 years on 8-9-09

 Screened HCM Neg. @ 3.5 years on 5-23-10


Fate is an amazing tri-color marble with a 3-D pattern and amazing contrast. She's a sweet and playful girl, and was a super mother. She is now retired and in a forever home.


LiLeopard Lotta Faith

 Screened HCM Neg. @ 22 months on 11-21-09

3rd Best Marble Bengal in SC Region 08-09

We had a lotta faith that Fate could out produce herself in a kitten with contrast, improved horizontal flow, and glitter and Lotta was everything we asked for!
She showed very well as a kitten, earning multiple 1st and 2nds, and as an adult earned her final at On Safari at her first adult show! She was our first "home-grown" cat to Champion. Unfortunately, Lotta was not a good mother and is now retired and living the life of a pampered pet. (Pictured here @ 7 months old)


LiLeopard TouchofDestiny

Screened HCM Neg. @ 20 months old on 5-23-10

3rd Best Marble Bengal in SC Region 09-10

This is another awesome daughter of our former Zendada Must be Fate and another regional award winner! Diva has incredible horizontal flow, a great profile, amazing puffy whisker pads, and nicely rounded ears. She out produced herself just like her mother, and has now retired to a forever home with her mom. She has left her legacy to her darling spotted daughter, Star, and her gorgeous marble son LiLeopard Drops O Jupiter.

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