Tejas Glitteren Jade of LiLeopard

Jade was my very first Bengal from 2004 and will always hold a special place in my heart. She was a lovely and incredible soul and is still missed.

DGC AllAboutSpots Glori Us of LiLeopard

  Screened HCM Neg. @ 22 months on 8-9-09

 Screened HCM Neg. @ 2.5 years on 5-23-10

Glori made an incredible impact on our program, with a remarkable show career, and at least one "keeper" from every litter. Her son from her first litter was our Champion boy LiLeopard Tay Ka Paws 4me. She went to Brenda Hicks of Sumatra Bengals before retiring as a pet.

LiLeopard Lyric

  Screened HCM Neg. @ 1yr on 3-22-15

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Lyric is a daughter of Chance and grand-daughter of LB (see them on the past studs page) and combined our best producing cats in her bloodline (with the dams side tracing back to Glori). Lyric proved true to the bloodline and out produced herself in both type and flash. She gave us two daughters from Hot Rod Lincoln, Serenity and Nirvana, before retiring to be a pet.

LiLeopard Serenity

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 3yrs on 2/24/19

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Seri is the daughter of our Lyric (above) and Link. We love her pattern flow, contrast, and lovely profile. She produced kittens with both amazing coats and outstanding head types. Unfortunately, breeding complications forced us to retire her before we kept back a brown rosetted girl, but we did keep two lovely silver girls, Mystikal and Titanium, for our program.

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