These are studs that made a big impact on our Program.

Katznjamr Alexander of LiLeopard

Screened HCM Neg. on 10-3-08 @ 2.5 yrs old

Screened HCM Neg. on 3-20-11 @ 5 yrs old

Alex was our very first stud boy. He produced kittens with incredible black markings and excellent type. Not only was he big and handsome; he is a total sweetie... my children carried him around on their shoulders! Alex has founded our program producing size, temperament, and structure.  In 2016 Alex turned 10! (Pictured above at 4.5 years) Photo by Nancy DegenKolb More photos

Grand Champion

LiLeopard Rockstar 

All photos by Nancy Degenkolb

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 17 months on 3-20-11

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 4.5 years on 3-2-14

Pk Def N/N

We were thrilled when RockStar was born and knew he was a "keeper". We had a great time showing him, and he was the highest titled LiLeopard Bengal at the time. He is a grandson of Alex. He was retired at the age of 5 to live as a pampered pet. More photos


Elkridge Perfect Circle

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 2yrs old on 9-22-13

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 4 yrs old on 3-22-15

Pk Def N/N


Though it could describe his rosettes, this boy is named after a band but we affectionately call him "LB"- for Lover Boy... We weren't exactly needing another stud muffin, but when I saw LB he was too good to pass up. He Championed with limited showing, but hated the show ring so we had to discontinue his show career. He consistently produced some of the best kittens we have ever had. We kept back a son and granddaughters from him, and therefore needed to bring in a new stud for new blood. More photos


LiLeopard Helava Chance

 Screened HCM Neg. @ 1 yr on 3-2-14

Pk Def N/N

Chance is an amazing cat. Not only is he amazingly handsome, his personality is out of this world. He is extremely sweet and outgoing. During his show carrier he "made biscuits" on the judges table. He is just a joy to be around. He recieved his Championship and 4 finals with limited showing. Chance is now retired and living as a pampered pet. More photos


Marbleous Buddy Holly

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 1yr on 7/31/16

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 4yrs on 2/24/19

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Buddy was added to our program in order to keep back daughters of Link and have a male to breed them to. He earned his Champion title and then let us know he'd rather be home with his girls than showing. Our favorite thing about Buddy was the temperament he passes to his kittens. He was retired in 2021. More pictures

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