LiLeopard Kittens


Born March 26th, 2021


Updated 6-18-21

*Pictured @ 5 weeks old



ON HOLD for Sarah

Seal Lynx Pt male

Sister's boy is the biggest and darkest kitten of the litter. He is extremely photogenic. Everything about him is perfection and symmetry from his perfect little rosettes to his large blue eyes and little rounded ears. He is going to make a stunning pet.

ON HOLD for Tea

Silver Lynx Pt female

This little one is just precious! She is a silver snow and her markings will take the longest to darken. However, she is already showing a beautiful pattern with large well spaced rosettes. Her left ear has a little crinkle at the tip and we find it to be adorable!

ON HOLD for Kailey

Seal Lynx Pt female

This girl has the most unique pattern! Though she is in a fuzzy stage and lacking clarity right now she is sure to be amazing! She has rich blue eye color and the silkiest glittered coat we have ever felt on a 5 week old kitten. She is a talker, but also really enjoyed attention during her photo shoot.

Sire and dam of the litter:

Warpaint Genesis and LiLeopard Twisted Sister

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