Contact us if you would like to be on a waiting list for future kittens. Deposits are not accepted before kittens are born as we want to make sure the litter arrives without complications and is healthy before asking for a commitment.

Once kittens are born and doing well, if you would like to make a deposit before kittens are posted, kitten choice will be given in the order deposits were received. Individual kitten pictures are typically posted when the kitten are between 4-6 weeks old.

Pet kittens are priced between $1000-2500. Deposits are $300-500. For information on how kittens are priced see this page:

Q and Seri

3 gorgeous rosetted silver kittens (2 girls, 2 boys) and 1 handsome brown rosetted boy were born April 16th

1 male sold and 1 female staying here

Journey and Ema

We were planning to retire Ema, but these two were in love and sold me on the idea.

3 handsome rosetted boys were born April 24th. 2 brown and 1 blue! ALL AVAILABLE

Buddy and Vana

6 amazing brown rosetted kittens were born July 1st

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