These are the pairings/arrivals we have planned for fall of '17. Contact us if you would like to be on a waiting list for kittens. Deposits are not accepted before kittens are born as we want to make sure the litter arrives without complications and is healthy before asking for a commitment.

Once kittens are born and doing well, if you would like to make a deposit before kittens are posted, kitten choice will be given in the order deposits were received.

Pet kittens are priced between $1000-2500. Deposits are $300-500. For information on how kittens are priced see this page:

Buddy and Melody

Lovely litter of brown rosetted kittens arrived June 9th

1 male and 1 female kitten available and ready to go

Q and Seri

Litter arrived 8-18-17

1 silver and 1 brown rosetted girl available

Kitten pictures now posted and deposits being accepted.

DJ and Halo

Gorgeous brown and snow rosetted kittens arrived August 24th

Kitten pictures now posted and deposits being accepted.

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