DoubleDBengals Hunter of LiLeopard

 heart HCM Screened Negative on  2/27/21

PK Def and Pra- N/N by parentage

We started looking for another boy for our program due to a couple of our current boys not taking their "job" seriously.... We were thrilled at the opportunity to bring back in a couple of our lines that have been retired! Hunter's mother is LiLeopard Goldie who is the daughter of Buddy and Vana (Vana is the daughter of Link). Several times we held back daughters of Buddy, but ended up letting them go to other homes. Buddy passed on wonderful temperaments to his offspring and we are certain that Hunter is going to do the same. He is only 8 months old, but you would never know it to look at him! He came already named Hunter, but if we were to name him it likely would have been Elvis, because he is a hunk of burnin' love! (Pictured at 8 months old)

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