Warpaint Genesis of LiLeopard

 heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 10 mo. on 3/1/20

PK Def and Pra- N/N

I started looking to bring in new blood and couldn't get this guys face out of my head. He has many great features that we feel will add to our program including size and temperament! He is a mink snow and carrier for charcoal. (Pictured at 8 1/2 months old)

Naples Led Zeppelin of LiLeopard

heartScreened HCM Neg. @ 10 mo. on 3/1/20

Pk-def and Pra N/N

Honestly, I feel in love with Zep's face too. From his huge amber eyes, small rounded ears, pronounced whisker pads, and lovely profile, what's not to love? To top it off he has an abunance of glitter, nice pattern, thick tail, and muscular build as well as a sweet personality. (Pictured @ 9 months old)

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